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Sonic Drift 2 — Blue GP Speedrun in 0:10:41.77 [Current World Record]

Death Egg wasn’t great but it never is. Only one unavoidable win (losses are faster and on purpose to avoid the signpost drop when you win), mostly good driving, good time. Retimed for accurate centiseconds since this game can definitely be optimised to the same second. Stay Connected: Twitter: Patreon: Twitch stream: Discord server: Speedrun profile:

Let's Play Sonic Drift — Part 2 — Yellow Chaos GP

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Sonic Drift 2 — Emerald Ocean: 1'58"42 (Speed Run) [Blue GP]

Another personal favourite track of mine, due to being on the ocean drifting doesn’t slow you down at all. It gives the illusion that runs are perfect, but the turning still has to be super tight to get there. This run was alright, happy with this. Previous record: 1’58″88

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